Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

1 & 2 December 2021 | National Hall, Olympia London

Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00 | Thursday 10:00 - 16:00

Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

1 & 2 December 2021 | National Hall, Olympia London

Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00 | Thursday 10:00 - 16:00

Day 2 - Thursday 2nd December

Brand Love

Pentawards Session

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 10:30 am 

From Fab ice lollies to a rice revolution, beer with character to a Sheffield institution. Brands that are liked but not loved are not brands at all. Brand Love is a collection of stories about how Springetts work with brands to make them loved.

Paul Williams, Executive Creative Director, Springetts

Transforming snacks and treats through design

Pentawards Session

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 11:15 am 

Richard Waltzer shares his insights into how PepsiCo’s Design & Innovation team is working to bring not only new visuals but a full transformation to some of the market’s most recognisable brands.

Richard Waltzer, Design Director – Breakthrough Innovation, Europe, PepsiCo Design & Innovation

Reuse as the foundation for more rewarding packaging experiences

Pentawards Session

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 12:00 pm 

The transition to reusable packaging systems is key to reducing packaging waste and CO2 footprint. To successfully drive adoption of reuse behaviours requires incentivising consumers with a more valuable pack experience than offered today. Reuse, therefore, presents an opportunity to reimagine packaging in a new light.

Mike Webster, Director of 3D Experience & Sustainability, Cambridge Design Partnership

Innovation Lab: A Breakthrough Solution for a New Foil-Free Environment in Labels

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 1:00 pm

In the production of metalized labels, thousands of tons of foil waste are sent to landfills or burned at incineration plants each year – a huge sustainability issue for the wine and spirits, pharmaceutical and health and beauty markets. Hear how we’ve solved this with a breakthrough technology that not only eradicates foil waste but achieves shelf-standout unlocking increased consumer sales.

Paolo Grasso, Sales Director, ACTEGA Metal Print

Plastics bad, other materials good? New frontiers in tackling the UK’s packaging materials footprint

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 1:30 pm

In recent years, there has been increasing concern about our consumption of single-use packaging and particularly the impacts of plastic waste. The response from businesses has centred primarily on plastics – elimination, reduction, use of recycled content and recyclability, and many switches to other materials.
Although this may placate anti-plastic consumers, the media and NGOs campaigning on plastics, this approach risks shifting environmental and social burdens to the alternative material’s supply chain and can result in equally bad or worse impacts.
This interactive webinar will challenge you to challenge your perspectives around the overall impacts of the supply chains for both plastics and other materials – so that you can consider the best packaging materials for your product and not perpetuate the narrative that all plastics are bad and all other materials are good.
During the webinar, you will learn about the WWF and Tesco’s findings in their new study, The UK’s Packaging Materials Footprint, which highlights both social and environmental impacts associated with the supply chains of a range of materials.
You will also then hear a presentation of the IGD’s Sustainable Packaging Systems initiative and have the opportunity to take part in a live Q&A with our panel.

Paula Chin, Sustainable Materials Specialist, WWF

Amanda Curtis, Sustainability Expert, IGD

Simon Hann, Principal Consultant, Eunomia

Paul Vanston, CEO of INCPEN – Industry Council for Packaging & the Environment

E-commerce packaging in 2022

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 3:00 pm

The growth of e-commerce is having an increasing impact on packaging development. This session will explore the current challenges and trends in e-commerce packaging and will present the findings of a recent Packaging Innovations survey on the issue.

Jude Allan, Chair, IOM3 Packaging Society

Wild Intentions

Pentawards Sessions

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 11:00 am

Join Freddy and Jo to hear about Wild’s journey to becoming one of the UK’s fastest-growing startups. From initial conception to the moment Freddy walked through the door of Jo’s design studio, to selling 2.5 million deodorant refills in 18 months, get an insight into why they believe the product has been a success.

Freddy Ward, Co Founder & CEO, WILD

Jo Barnard, Founder & Creative Director, Morrama

Jane Smith, Product Developer, Fantastic Products Solutions Ltd

Paula Chin, Sustainable Materials Specialist, WWF

Packaging Transformation – it’s time to connect

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 11:45 am

More brands than ever before are leveraging the transformational opportunity of Connected Packaging to engage their consumers, deliver meaningful experiences and surface previously unseen insights and data.

In this session, we’ll explore the now, near and next of Connected Packaging with real-world launches from global brands and two exclusive case studies across the Spirits and Beauty sectors.

We’ll unpack the areas that brands should be considering through our five pillars of Connected Experiences and from QR, NFC and AR to NFT’s, we’ll discuss and demystify the key technologies.

Alongside the significant data opportunity for brands, the session will review measurement methodologies, industry benchmarks and include valuable insights from the SharpEnd 2021 Connected Consumer study.

Rob Hollands, Managing Director, Sharp End

Luxury Packaging Awards ceremony

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 12:30 pm

Luxury Packaging is proud to host the ceremony for the Luxury Packaging Awards, organised by Packaging News. 

Join editor Philip Chadwick and discover the best packs of the past year in the premium and luxury markets in categories such as cosmetics and personal care, drinks, technical achievement and limited editions.

Philip Chadwick, Editor, Packaging News

The Drinks Forum hosted by UPM Premium Drinks packaging in 2022: design, luxury, sustainability, or all three?

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 1:30 pm

Join a panel of expert speakers to discuss the key issues in packaging of premium and luxury drinks in the year to come – from design trends and sustainability challenges to the impacts of e-commerce, no- and low-alcohol drinks and new technologies.

Hosted by UPM with Paul Marsh, Ian McCulloch and more special guests…

Hosted by UPM with Paul Marsh, Design Director, Butterfly Cannon

Ian McCulloch, Managing Director, Silent Pool Distillers

Joanne Price, Marketing Manager, Reflex

Jay Betton, Packaging Solutions Manager, UPM Raflatac

Innovation Lab: O-I Design Competition: the designers and bottle decoration technologies of the future

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 2:30 pm

Discover the designers of the future and the latest digital technologies for bottle decoration as we reveal the winners of an exclusive international student design contest.

Presented by O-I and members of the jury

Download the full agenda here!

Joe Riddett

Head of Sales,
UK packaging

Alessandra Leonard

Marketing Project Manager

Danika Bacon

Operations Executive

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1 & 2 December 2021

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