Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

1 & 2 December 2021 | National Hall, Olympia London

Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00 | Thursday 10:00 - 16:00

Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

1 & 2 December 2021 | National Hall, Olympia London

Wednesday 10:00 - 17:00 | Thursday 10:00 - 16:00

Day 1 - Wednesday 1st December

Innovation in 2022: the key trends defining your next packaging project

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 10:30 am 

Paul Jenkins of The Pack Hub opens this year’s talks programme with an overview of the key challenges that will influence all packaging innovation projects in the year to come. Taking recent examples from a range of product sectors, Paul will highlight the challenges and opportunities that all packaging designers and developers will face in the year to come, from changing consumer demands to the latest in sustainability, new materials, smart packaging and more.

Paul Jenkins, The Pack Hub

Packaging that tells the truth: how technological and digital innovations will unpack consumer behaviour in future

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 11:30 am 

James will explore the future of packaging with the potential to perform digital ethnography, sharing insights from recent innovations. Sharing a glimpse of how packaging will offer us deeper insights into consumers lives and their future relationship with products.

James Harmer, Planning & Innovation Strategy Leader, Cambridge Design Partnership

Innovation Lab: Tag and Trace: the opportunities to add unique marks to refillable packaging and more

Packaging Innovation Theatre – 12:30 pm

There are an increasing number of technologies to uniquely mark items so they can be traced. In this presentation, Nathalie Muller of MagVision compares some of the different options, how they can be used and how you can manage them. She will be joined by Anna Pitt from SESI, who have just embarked on the journey to trace their refillable packaging through its life journey. 

Nathalie Muller, Head of Innovation, MagVision

Anna Pitt, SESI Food and Household Refill

Jane Bevis, Executive Chair and Director, OPRL

Shane Monkman, Managing Director at One:EX Consulting

Design at the Point of Inflection

Pentawards Session

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 1:30 pm

We are living in a world of exploding content proliferation. In this world, design has never before had a more critical role to play… Identity is now the anchor for the brands we deliver. But these identities must have the potential to liberate multiple expressions of the brand’s character and purpose to appeal to consumers in new and interesting ways. Ways where distinctive design elements are able to make content more
ownable without the need to simply stick the logo everywhere.

Andrew Lawrence, Global Executive Creative Director, Elmwood

Sustainable Solutions to Ecommerce Growth: Is Innovation the Answer?

Packaging Innovations Theatre – 2:30 pm

Jonathan will explain the conflicting challenges facing manufacturers and consumers. For many e-commerce businesses, the boom in online shopping has raised new questions about packaging usage. E-fulfilment has necessitated an increase in packing that was not required for in-store purchases. This has led to a demand for low-cost, efficient, and environmentally sustainable solutions.

The challenge facing the packaging industry is the juxtaposition of two needs: the commercial demand for high volume, cost-effective, and logistically efficient packaging, and the environmentally aware audience’s concerns around plastic use, and single-trip packaging. This is notwithstanding the consumer’s expectations of a great buying experience, fast delivery, and a friction-less return facility.

Many online businesses cannot hold a wide range o different sizes for their product range, and just stock two or three sizes to cover all basket mixes. This often results in large oversized parcels filled with more voidfill packaging, containing a very small item. The voidfill becomes just a space-filler rather than a protective wrap around the product.

Often the voidfill is either bubble wrap or an air pillow – both plastic materials. This leaves the consumer with the responsibility for its disposal. Ironically, as consumers, our appetite for unlimited choice, next-day delivery to our doorstep, and free returns, has led to increased plastic use and more landfill deposits.

Allpack has developed a range of plastic-free packaging solutions that answers all of these issues which Jonathan will proceed to demonstrate.

Jonathan Pallister, Senior Packaging Consultant, Allpack

The £10bn Debate: exploring the impacts of Extended Producer Responsibility, the Deposit Return Scheme, the plastic tax and more

Packaging Innovation Theatre – 3:30 pm

Brands and packaging manufacturers face huge innovation, material and business challenges and significant costs in the coming years as the government rolls out new constraints. How will packaging development react? And who will pay? This series of sessions will explore the impacts on packaging development, design, manufacturing and recovery as new regulations around Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), Waste Management Consistency (WMS) and others come into force.

Jane Bevis, Executive Chair and Director, OPRL

Martin Kersh, Director, Foodservice Packaging Association

Cathy Cook, Vice-Chair, LARAC

Shane Monkman, Managing Director at One:EX Consulting

Stuart Lendrum, Head of Packaging, Quality and Food Safety, Iceland

Nikki Grainge, Packaging Development Manager, Waitrose

Global luxury packaging: future markets, materials and technologies

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 11:00 am

Renowned packaging and print consultant Neil Farmer opens the Luxury Packaging conference with an overview of the key innovation trends that are defining luxury packaging today and, looks at recent new packs shining a light on those trends.

Neil Farmer, Neil Farmer Associates

Building Brands from Scratch

Pentawards Session

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 12:00 pm

It’s great working on established brands with a rich history. But what if you start from scratch, with nothing but a blank piece of paper? Tom will talk through Nude’s experience working with start-ups and entrepreneurs in the spirits category, and what he’s learnt about launching a new brand.

Tom Hearn, Partner, Nude Brand Creation

Laser cutting technology – adding value to your brand

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 1:00 pm

How can you add value to your product simply by using laser technology? Delga Press take to the stage alongside Highcon to walk you through the journey of how this can be achieved. Understanding the value it would bring to their customers, hear how Delga Press proceeded with the installation of this sophisticated cutting and creasing finishing machine during the pandemic. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear how your branded packaging can be transformed, Highcon will also answer any technical questions during the Q&A session.

Moti Vaknin, Highcon

Ian Conetta, Delga Press and Labels

Jane Smith, Product Developer, Fantastic Products Solutions Ltd

Jane Smith, Product Developer, Fantastic Products Solutions Ltd

The Beauty Forum
Keeping it clean – how a new generation of indie beauty brands are making packaging work for them

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 2:00 pm

A new generation of indie beauty start-ups are putting vegan, organic and sustainable credentials at the heart of their clean beauty philosophy. This panel session will explore how founders at brands such as Juni Cosmetics and True Skincare see the opportunities and challenges and that packaging their products can bring, from design to material choices and creating an engaging consumer experience.

Emma Thornton, Founder, True Skincare

Madeleine White, Founder, Juni Cosmetics

Alice Lucy Bradley, Journalist and Beauty Blogger

Jenny Greenwood, Innovations & Sustainability Manager, Butterfly Cannon

Alessandra Leonard, Packaging Innovations, Chairing the forum

Beauty and drinks retail: challenges and opportunities for a sustainable post-Covid world

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 3:00 pm

From refills to touchless sampling, the growth of e-commerce to reducing environmental footprint, the changing retail landscape is posing myriad new challenges to packaging developers and designers. This session will explore how brands and designers are adapting their packaging to these new realities, how they are responding to shopper and retailer demands at the point of sale, and the challenges they see in the space in the year to come.

Will Connolly, The Body Shop

Simon Elmer, William Grant & Sons

Emma Thornton, Founder, True Skincare

Jane Smith, Product Developer, Fantastic Products Solutions Ltd

Colour and material trends defining luxury 2022

Luxury Packaging Theatre – 4:00 pm

Trend forecaster and colour expert Laura Perryman shares her insights into the colour and material trends that are set to define the luxury industry in 2022, and how they will impact packaging and design decisions in the year to come…

Laura Perryman, Colour of Saying

Download the full agenda here!

Joe Riddett

Head of Sales,
UK packaging

Alessandra Leonard

Marketing Project Manager

Danika Bacon

Operations Executive

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1 & 2 December 2021

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