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The future of branded and premium packaging

Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

GMG Prototype Proofing: Proofing on packaging materials


The GMG Prototyping Proofing Solution – Repeatable accuracy for mock-up creation

Utilising GMG colour management and an Epson SC-S80600 with CMYK + orange, red, white and silver metallic inks, users can create mock-ups for use cases such as: Flexible Packaging, Corrugated board, Folding carton/beverage carton, Labels and Special applications (cups, tubes, cans).

• Create proofs on substrates other than paper (clear, metallic and white films, metallic boards, cardboard and more)
• Use white and silver ink
• Turn proofs into samples or prototypes

The GMG Prototype Proofing solution relies on the following GMG innovations:

GMG ColorProof: The globally recognized standard for quality contract proofing

GMG ColorProof enables you to create colour accurate proofs with uncompromising quality and reliability. Its unique calibration technology ensures that the same colour can be reproduced anytime and anywhere.

GMG OpenColor: Create precise proof and separation profiles.

GMG’s award-winning OpenColor technology enables accurate proof simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colours and creation of multicolour profiles – even without test charts. The spectral data calculation accounts for variations in printing technologies, media types and separation order. This way GMG OpenColor creates a powerful CMYK and muliticolour press simulation with GMG ColorProof.

The GMG Calibration Creation Wizard

GMG’s Calibration Creation Wizard allows users to quickly create new media profiles, ensuring colour consistency and repeatability for any compatible substrate.

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