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The future of branded and premium packaging

Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

GMG ColorServer: Creating uniform colour standards within seconds.


Very often print data is produced in different colour spaces and it needs to be prepared for a wide variety of printing processes. Checking and normalising all kinds of PDF files is a very time-consuming process. GMG ColorServer vastly reduces this effort and ensures colour accuracy by providing fully automatic colour conversions for all printing processes and up to seven colours plus spots.

GMG ColorServer provides end-to-end colour management as a pay-monthly subscription solution: including colour separation, proofing, ink optimisation and exact profiling according to the printing process used: Conventional, Digital, Multicolour or Hybrid.

GMG ColorServer’s central database unifies the handling of the measurement data, proofs, colour libraries and print, to help avoid costly mistakes and bring huge time savings. Prepare your print data, drag and drop, and the result will match your reference.
With seamless integration into third-party workflow systems via XML or API connectivity – ESKO, HYBRID, Enfocus, Kodak and others.

GMG’s award-winning spectral profiling tool is built in – GMG OpenColor. Whether digital or conventional printing GMG OpenColor provides precise prediction and optimised test charts. It enables the seamless conversion of user-defined standards and spot colours into CMYK, and for multicolour printers, spot colours are displayed optimally in the full gamut of the output device.

Benefits of GMG ColorServer include:
• Huge savings in setup costs, especially when processing large amounts of prepress data.
• Massive time savings in data processing thanks to the automated conversion of print data.
• Reduce make-ready time and waste due to superior separations.
• Save ink, stabilise the print run and improve colour quality with ink optimisation.
• Run less proofs on press and decrease correction cycles by utilising GMG ColorProof – for digital, conventional and multicolour machines.

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