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Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

GMG ColorProof: The globally recognised standard for quality contract proofing


The multi award winning proofing software GMG ColorProof has established itself as the most professional software solution for producing absolute colour-accurate contract proofs. GMG ColorProof contains all the components needed for high-end proofing applications, including calibrations and colour profiles. The printing result is accurately simulated on the basis of GMG’s DeviceLink technology.

Key functions and benefits at a glance

The GMG ProofControl Inline module enables fully automated proof verification for both CMYK and spot colour elements, on proof printers with an integrated measuring device.

Automated paper feed adjustment reduces paper wastage and ensures accuracy across one Epson or a fleet of Epsons.

GMG ColorProof supports all standard spot colour systems and is compatible with standard ICC profiles that can be combined with GMG profiles.

The latest Adobe PDF Print Engine 5.1 Technology helps to achieve identical color output as any Adobe-based RIP.

The browser-based application ColorProof GO enables multiple users to simultaneously use the software on any PC or Mac within the corporate network. This allows you to monitor your proofing systems and printers and carry out remote job management from anywhere at any time.

Accurate Remote Proofing via an FTP connection ensures that chosen printers, anywhere worldwide with a GMG system, will deliver the colour output you’re expecting.

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