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Randd uk are R&D Tax Credits specialists who have helped recover nearly £140 million for their clients since 2008. Randd uk has helped hundreds of companies in the packaging industry achieve successful claims including manufacturers, prototype companies, distributors, design and marketing, and more.

R&D Tax Credits are a government-funded scheme that awards businesses with cash injections for investing in R&D. As Covid-19
has created a cash-flow crisis for many companies, the scheme provides a financial solution that 75% of eligible SMEs are overlooking.

Common qualifying projects for packaging companies cover:
Producing prototypes and visuals for customers
Developing cost-efficient processes and products to satisfy client demands whilst retaining/ improving quality
Testing environmentally friendly processes and recycled paper for colour matching and stability
Implementing new software and methodology
Creating bespoke solutions
Making improvements in energy efficiency and waste management

Randd uk has a 100% success rate and an average first claim of £50,000. Our team of manufacturing and engineering experts, fully chartered accountants, and technical specialists maximise client’s claim sums with their extensive industry knowledge and strong relationship with HMRC.

Speak to randd uk today for your free 10-minute eligibility consultation and you could receive your cash injection is a little as 4 weeks.

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