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1 & 2 December 2021 | Olympia London


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Proof+ is a packaging prototyping service that breathes energy into creativity; it provides brands, retailers and beverage bottlers with the ability to bring packaging designs to life before investing in a full print run.

Harnessing decades of print knowledge and expertise, using our unique ‘Colour Guardian’ colour management technology and in collaboration with market-leading raw material suppliers, Proof+ delivers press ready proofs that match exact print standards. This includes the addition of luxury finishes and embellishments such as varnish, foil, embossing and debossing.

We understand the value of having a packaging prototype that can be held, touched, manipulated and tested should not be underestimated, and by bringing packaging designs to life at an early stage, you are able to connect directly with the product. This allows you to judge the success of the digital designs and whether they translate into a physical product: does it have the ‘on-shelf’ impact you envisaged? Do the colours represent your brand? And ultimately, will your customers buy it?

With a physical sample you are able to experience the packaging and product through the eyes of your consumer whilst also assessing its efficacy from the perspective of your brand. This small investment will ultimately save you hugely in both time and money.



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1 & 2 December 2021

Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging 2021 has moved to 1 & 2 December. With COVID restrictions easing as time goes on we can’t wait to launch our first show back, better than ever!