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Over the past decade, BISONG has established itself as a leading
expert in manufacturing and exporting in China, specialized in
designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing high-quality
bags and fashion accessories. Since BISONG was founded, we have
maintained very positive relationships with loyal customers that
appreciate our advanced fashion designs, expertise in
manufacturing, dedication to creating high-quality products, as well
as the professional services we provide. Our products are exported
worldwide (the UK, Europe, USA, South America, South Africa,
Australia, Japan, Korea, Middle East, etc.) and have earned a
positive reputation wherever they are sold.

BISONG has our own independent and professional design
department. All of our designers expertly develop new products and
designs that reflect current market trends. Each month,
approximately 150 new items and their respective collections are
ready to be sold. These reasons have led to BISONG’s position as the
top supplier of bags and fashion accessories, as a leader in setting
new market trends and as a reputable partner that provides
customers with best-sellers.

BISONG also works closely with customers to customize items and
create collections using their ideas and expectations. We use
advanced machinery and offer a large selection of materials, thus
providing you with a one-stop solution for a wide variety of bag and
accessory items. We also welcome any OEM and ODM projects. You
bring the ideas, we create your collection.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best products and
services possible. We are constantly striving to respect customers’
requirements and to exceed their expectations, and do so by
focusing on our core values of quality, delivery and service.


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