Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging

The future of branded and premium packaging

Exhibitor marketing tools

Once you have booked, you can start accessing the marketing tools that are included in your stand package. Proactive exhibitors will gain more exposure and ultimately attract more online and show visitors. After booking your stand, you should have received ‘My Easyfairs’ account login details.

If you need assistance or have not received your login details, please contact: 

Tracked registration link

Use your unique registration URL to track who has registered to see you at the show. Add it to your email signature, use it on social media and send to clients directly. You can create as many links as you like and track them via your My Easyfairs account.

Buttons & banners

Download various buttons & banners to add to your email signature, website and social media. We will also send you a personalised banner with your stand number on it.

Remember to link your banners to your trackable registration link that can be found in your My Easyfairs; This way you can keep track of how is coming to visit you on your stand.

Personalised invitations

We will send you a batch of complimentary personalised postcards to mail to your most valued clients/prospects to invite them to visit your stand at the exhibition.

Personalised floor plan

We will send you a floor plan with your stand highlighted, so those you invite know exactly where to find you at the show.

VIP invitations

We will invite on your behalf your top 20 clients/prospects to attend as your VIP guest. The invitation will appear as though it is from you and it is a great way of getting customers you really want to attend the show.

Everyone likes to be treated as a VIP!

Secure mailing

Easyfairs will send up to 100 personalised invitations on your behalf, to your UK database, free of charge through our mailing house.

Customisable HTML code

We have created an HTML email so you can promote your stand easily through your own email system. Simply add in any further information you want and link the registration buttons to your trackable registration links.

PR Exposure

A dedicated PR team will help you get free editorial through leading press outlets pre-and-post event.

Beware of Fake List Vendors and Similar Scams!

Easyfairs draws your attention to fraudulent offers of list data and other “services” that you may receive via unsolicited emails.

If you receive such a communication, it is certainly fraudulent and does not come from Easyfairs. Easyfairs never sells visitor data to third parties.

The data provided by these companies is most of the time either inaccurate, incomplete, of poor quality or even fake and/or have been gathered or acquired in contravention of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Any use that such companies make of the name Easyfairs or Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging  is without our authorisation and is illegal.

Please do not respond to these emails. On no account should you make any payments to the companies behind them.

Please inform Easyfairs if you receive any such solicitations so we can warn others.

Exhibitor tips

Before the show

  • Invite clients and prospects to your stand
  • Give them a reason (drinks/new products)
  • Make people aware of your attendance
  • Add show banner to mail signatures
  • Pre-event communications
  • Newsletters/blogs/website more show focused
  • Make the most of our P.R. company
  • Set your objectives/measurable targets
  • Put one person in charge!

Manage your leads

  • Record and classify your leads (Hot/Warm/Cold)
  • Use Easyfairs tools i.e. Smart Badge Reader
  • Bring a pen and paper for each sales person
  • Make notes on Visit Connect and business cards
  • Be legible when taking notes
  • Specify who is responsible for the leads?
  • Follow up on leads once you are back in the office

Show checklist

  • Arrange exhibitor passes
  • Send out your invitations
  • Book your accommodation
  • Arrange the staff catering
  • Arrange storage
  • Put together a staff rota
  • Arrange staff uniforms/badges if using
  • Bring pens, paper, lead forms, business cards

Body language

  • First impressions count
  • People who make more eye contact are perceived as more intelligent
  • Faster speakers are judged to be more competent
  • Dressing smartly communicates success
  • People make assumptions about others based on their choice of shoe
  • People buy from people

Talking to visitors

  • Think about your opening question
  • Be open and engaging
  • Leave the admin for the office
  • Don’t spend too much time on your phone or laptop
  • Don’t waste time
  • Quickly identify good prospects
  • Be enthusiastic

Daily staff briefing

  • Reaffirm exhibition goals
  • Agree target for the day
  • Review stands effectiveness
  • Share market intelligence
  • Address any staff issues
  • Allocate break times
  • Check on the lead progress for each sales person
  • Set up Visit Connect targets for the day

Exhibitor Warning – please note that companies trying to sell data are fraudulent and should be ignored or reported – Easyfairs does not share or sell data.

Explaining EasyGo

The solution for all exhibitors to boost their return on investment. As part of your exhibitor package you will have chosen an EasyGo package. Here are some videos to explain how it works.

Easyfairs presents: EasyGo

Real-time alerts when invitees arrive

How does the Smart Badge work?

Smart Badge for exhibitors?

Enter our competition

Invite your contacts to the event and win some great prizes in the process! The exhibitor who brings in the most visitors through the marketing tools will win our exhibitor competition.

What you can do to get your contacts to your stand:

  • Send your 20 VIP contacts to the team securely
  • Send your 100 UK addresses for the secure mailing to the above email
  • Include your trackable registration link on your email signature, use it on social media and send directly to clients

What you can win:

A crate of Champagne awarded on your stand at the event
Silver Sponsorship Packaging TV worth £2000
A post-show email to our entire (3rd party opt in) data base of packaging professionals 

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