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1 & 2 December 2021 | Olympia London

Anton Burmistrov | Rudo & Tecnico Tequila

Drawing influence from the intricate masks worn by Lucha libre wrestlers in Mexico, the new packaging incorporates a detailed mask as its centrepiece, surrounded by typography and intricate flourishes.

All Lucha matches are based on the eternal battle between forces of good and evil, represented by two groups of wrestlers: ‘tecnicos’, noble fighters and heroes, and the famous villains of the sport, brawlers and rule-breakers, ‘rudos’. In his design, Anton Burmistrov intends to express the essence of Lucha; its cool, edgy, and mysterious style, represented through the elaborate wrestling masks. 

Each age expression within the brand featured different wrestlers’ figures, cluttering the brand message. Meanwhile, the paper used for the labels was thin, metallic and did not highlight the artisanal origins of the products.

The mask is surrounded by elements that highlight the Lucha libre cultural tradition — hand-drawn typography, illustrations, and Victorian flourishes. The tequilas are bottled into semi-artisanal, recycled Mexican glass, laser-cut wooden tops bear the design of a wrestling mask, while labels are printed on premium robust stock with a gold ink finish.

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1 & 2 December 2021

Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging 2021 has moved to 1 & 2 December. With COVID restrictions easing as time goes on we can’t wait to launch our first show back, better than ever!