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1 & 2 December 2021 | Olympia London

Rockstar and Xbox Collaboration | Halo Infinite Special Edition

Taking influence from the UK, US and Japan this special edition Rockstar can have partnered with five acclaimed artists from across the world.

Joshua M. Smith aka Hydro74 was tasked with designing this Blackberry Goji can.

Adopting the colours of its fruity taste this can is dominated by dark blue and lighter blue details. It features the iconic Halo character alongside the Rockstar logo to seamlessly collaborate the two brands. The can have techy details vertically positioned around the can to add to the theme of Halo as well as, each can having the artist name and collector set printed on the top. This can is collector set 5/5.

Matt Taylor was tasked with designing the Original flavour can.

True to its comic style this can feature the Halo character with a silhouette outlined in the same colouring as the Rockstar original can logo, perfectly integrating the two. The background imaging also features a comic style outlining that contrasts the character, bringing it to the forefront of the design. The can also feature the artist name as well as, which number of the collector set the can is. This can is collector set 1/5.

Dan Mumford is a London based freelance and was tasked with the Fruit Punch can.

This can follow the suit of its flavour title – Fruit Punch. The dominant red wrapped around the can is vibrant and is sure to stand out. The Halo character is red as well as, the logo it stands behind. The canyon behind promotes the game with reference to war and battle. This can also feature the artist name and includes the number of the collector set that the can is. This can is collector set 3/5.

Yuko is a Japanese illustrator and was tasked with the Silver Ice can. 

The can itself uses contrasting silver and black to define its character. It features a grey armour suit Halo character to contrast its silver background. The design also features warships that are in the game.

This particular can is collector set 4/5.

Oliver is an artist and designer from Cleveland and was tasked with the sugar-free can.

This can adopts a green, gold and white colour palette creating a clean contrast across the can. The character is predominantly green with white and gold features to integrate the character of Rockstar. It features a geometric style background with beautiful artwork. This can is collector 2/5.



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1 & 2 December 2021

Packaging Innovations & Luxury Packaging 2021 has moved to 1 & 2 December. With COVID restrictions easing as time goes on we can’t wait to launch our first show back, better than ever!